Angela Lutz

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Angela is an exceptionally talented Esthetician, whose 15-year quest for perfection and ethical character has earned her a loyal clientele that includes local celebrities. Extensive, advanced education allows her to expertly perform skin treatments with confident skill and she always delivers a brow that is artistically pristine.

In 2014, she launched 
Arch Addicts™  brow cosmetics with Niki Robison and Diana Roth. Arch Addicts continues to transform the eyebrow community by providing education, artist support, and cruelty-free products to salons and spas across the country. 

Today, she co-owns
Blend Brow and Skin in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Blend is a sanctuary for all esthetic services, focusing on custom-tailored eyebrow grooming appointments and opulent skin care treatments.

When not with her clients, you will find her running, reading, traveling and volunteering for efforts close to her heart. Angela resides in Rogers, MN with her favorite people — Brad, her husband of 15 years, Olivia, her ten-year-old daughter, and Kona, her 14-year-old Springer.